Visit Pic Saint Loup

Pic Saint Loup is one of Occitanie’s most stunning nature and hiking sites and just 30km from the campsite! The 658m high mountain has unobstructed views of the Cévennes and the Mediterranean Sea. At the bottom, the vineyard rolls into the garrigue with pine and oak trees as far as the eye can see!

There are two ways to get there: Cazevieille and Saint-Mathieu-de-Tréviers.

Did you know?

Pic Saint-Loup is named after a legend. Three Languedoc rulers, Guiral, Clair and Thieri Loup, were madly in love with a beautiful princess called Bertrade.

When they returned from the crusade in Jerusalem, they learnt the princess had died. The three knights were driven mad by grief and decided to live as hermits near their lady’s resting place, each on one of three neighbouring peaks. The three hermits died one after the next. To honour their memory, locals decided to call the moutains Saint Guiral, Saint Clair and Saint Loup.


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