Domaine de Massereau through time Once upon a time in Massereau

The Causse-Freychet family bought Domaine de Massereau in 1804. Mr Causse and his son symbolise the visionary and ingenious family behind the farm-turned winery!

The history of the winery is rooted in the Massereau land. The soil is highly fertile but very dry in summer and too damp in winter. Mr Causse Sr put in drainage and built an underground aqueduct to remove the humidity. But the dry issue was still a problem. Despite the wells built by his father to supply the property with water in summer, Mr Causse Jr decided to build another. Still no luck, it took digging 18m deep and hard labour to realise all he’d built was a tank… After much thought, he threw himself into building pipes to collect rainwater and channel it straight to the tank! The first storm collected 2800l of water! A real feat to water livestock, land and people. But Mr Causse Jr was on a roll.

1853: Mr Causse Jr found a spring belonging to the next-door property near Junas and bought it. He carefully tapped into all the spring water and built a stone underground aqueduct to channel the water to Massereau farm. The aqueduct came out in either the tank well or the large pool he’d built especially for it! 5 years later and work finally ended, Massereau had a significant amount of water and Causse Jr made dry land into watered meadows! The aqueduct still runs beneath the campsite!

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7 generations have run the property and now it’s the turn of the winemaker Arnaud Freychet to oversee the Domaine whose core values are still commitment and high standards.

Jean Freychet decided to open a hotel in 2006 to help his brother save the vineyard from financial difficulty.

In the end he decided to open a campsite on a plot covering over 8 hectares. But not just any old campsite as the family business was the first campsite to be awarded 5 stars in France.

15 years later saw Jean’s nephew Gilles Rigole fly the flag for creativity and ingenuity with a new luxury area in the family olive grove: Les Prés du Roi. His uncle was never far away and he ended up opening his beloved hotel with barrel rooms in the new luxury area. A nod to our bestseller: La Tourie red wine aged in oak barrels!

Domaine de Massereau campsite now covers over 13 hectares and every bit of it pays tribute to its extraordinary founding family!

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Opening dates 2023 : 07/04/2023 - 07/10/2023 05/04/2024 - 05/10/2024
Surface area of the campsite: 13 ha
Reception opening: 8:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Locations: 199 including 82 rental
and 117 pitches

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