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If you really want to unwind after a balneotherapy session, treat yourself to a massage from our massage therapist, Coline.

There’s a whole host of treatments and massages to choose from!

Californian massage
55 minutes – 75€
Gentle massage with slow, smooth, wrap-around movements to deeply relax body and mind.

Swedish massage
45 minutes – 70€
Dynamic deep tissue massage to relieve tense muscles and joints. It’s both invigorating and relaxing.

Massage – energy healing
55 minutes – 75€
Relaxing massage incorporating Reiki techniques (hands-on healing on energy points). This treatment restores balance to the entire energy system and opens blockages. It completely relaxes body and mind and refuels vital energy.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage
60 minutes – 80€
Deep and soothing massage usually using the forearms with long, continuous strokes and smooth pressure. The ultimate stress-busting massage, harmonises body and mind.

Hot stone massage
70 minutes – 85€
This type of massage uses heated volcanic rocks to deeply relax and relieve the mind. It restores harmony to the body’s energy points (chakras). This massage is not available in July and August.

Kobido facial massage
45 minutes – 65€
This is an ancient Japanese facial method. The anti-aging massage removes signs of fatigue. It’s the ultimate way to release any tension.

Express massage
35 minutes – 55€
Intuitive full-body massage (exc. chest) to relax and soothe muscle tension.


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